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Why people hate books ?

Updated: Mar 7

I am a bookworm . That got me thinking as to why people donot like novels :

1 I think that people donot say like classic because they find it difficult to understand them . Maybe if someone explained it to them they might read them. Also if they can link whatever is happening in books with what is happening with them they might read them.

2.Distraction is another thing why people donot read . They cannot concentrate .Be it work related or something else stress is there.

3. Reading has to begin from an early age .Books should be introduced at a very young. That is how habits are formed . Maybe when a lady is pregnant she should read the book.

4 These days gadgets seem to have taken over books. Children as small as 4 year play on mobile. Instead of giving mobile phones in their hands books should. Books open a whole new world .New things are learnt. Most of my knowledge I have got is from books.

These are the reasons why I feel people donot read books.

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