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Updated: Apr 8

Simply put wetlands are areas where water covers the soil all year round or for varying periods of time. Since water is prolonged for a long time it creates conditions that favour the growth of specially adapted plants like hydrophytes. But are there advantages of having wetlands ?

1. The carbon is not released into the environment as carbon pollution due to the wetland. Thus there is less pollution. Due to industries and the like, there is a lot of Carbon monoxide. So wetland help in this manner.

2. There is is always excess water from rainfall. Wetlands soak excess water. Thus there is less waterlogging during floods.

3. Wetlands are areas where water covers the soil all year round . Thus they support aquatic species which is good.

4.Wetlands play a role in the life cycles of commericall caught fishlans and shellfish in the USA. Though this true of wetlands in USA. We can try and see if this works for us. No harm in trying it.

5.Hunting ,birdwatching fishing and hiking are some of the activities that can be enjoyed in the wetlands.

The photos which are given above are from the Garden Magazine.


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