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Trees and humans

Trees and humans

As I stood and looked at the old tree I wondered , can we learn anything from trees ?

I had read about a spruce in Sweden which is 9500years old. WOW. What an achievement. Trees grow slowly but in the end they become strong like this tree. So humans should have patience. Nothing happens overnight.

What if we humans lead life in the slow lane. Always in a hurry to make a fast buck seems to be the norm. Yes we need money to live. But how much is the question . The more we have the more we want.

I feel we should learn from trees. Trees connect with each other. They send electrical signals .

Firs send signals to say for instance if they are being attacked by instances. Thus trees process enzymes so that insects don't harm. Imagine doing that. Tress corporate with each other . Why can't we cooperate with each other?

Trees are also interlinked to other trees by a network of fungus. In this manner the trees are interlinked. Humans too should interlink. They should not think about what benefits they will get.

I look at many trees and see them so strong . They withstand the weather . Where do I get my strength like the trees . I get strength from old people. They have withstood the time and what came with them. Sit with them and look for inspiration from them. Their wisdom is much more important than any books will provide.

A tree stands tall with pride . No matter what we do in life we should be proud of yourself. All of us cannot achieve everything in life. God I believe has given us something or the other we are good at. Learn to respect yourselves.

Do not always be on the move. Learn to take it easy. Many trees in winter go dormant. When you rest your body rejuvenates itself. Your body will wear out fast if you do not give it time to recover.

Trees grow in all directions. Do not let your mind be one sided .If you are not good at one thing try out something else. There is always something you will be good at. I was never good at studies. I hated Math but today I have self published a novel. Never could I imagine doing that.

The tree's base is strong . So should yours be Make your family the roots. See if what they are saying is good for you. Don't think what you do is correct. No harm to listen to your family . You can always do what you want to do after listening to their views.

Trees blossom . Wonder why ? They connect and care for each other. I feel the aspect of humanity has gone away. We are busy on whats app. Instead of picking up the phone and wishing people their birthdays we put a message. Birthday come only once a year. I too do this .I guess i should practise what I preach It does not take time to call. How impersonal have people got.

Sometimes I feel the days of hunting and gathering were better. In any case when you look at a trees do remember what I have said.

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