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The Science Of Reading: A Case study Of Texas School

I read this interesting article and have decided to share it with all of you. Fort Worth a school in Texas has decided to expand its Early Reading Program. This after their initial program

I came across this interesting article and decided to share it with you all. Fort Worth, a Texas school, has decided to expand its Early Reading Program. This follows the success of their initial programme. The students were told about topics that they are interested in. They were thus encouraged to read books on such subjects.

Reading Football League Texas is one such successful programme. Its mission is to ensure that all teachers understand the most effective evidence-based method for teaching literature.

There are numerous approaches to this. It is necessary to determine which strategy works best.

To read, one must first understand that letters represent sounds. And the links between them. This appears to be simple, but it is not for all students. Students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some parents can assist their children in learning to read. Others may not be well-educated.

Early reader books should be available. Words are simple, and sounds are easily understood. The children should not simply look at pictures and guess the words.

When this was completed, Texas students' reading levels had returned to pre-pandemic levels. In elementary and middle school exams, 52% of students met grade level exceptions, according to a test.

I wish there were more programmes like this in Indian schools. This way, Indian children will read more and spend less time on electronic devices.

I read this article on reading with you.

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