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Reading habits in children :

Updated: Apr 29

These days Children do not read any novels. Here are a few tips to encourage them to read.

1. Give a child a book to read. After they have finished reading the novel ask them what they liked about the novel. The discussion will encourage them to read more books.

2. Let the child choose what they want to read. In case the child is into sports, let them choose books that have sports in them. At least they will be reading

3. Joining book clubs might help. Seeing so many children they might also like to read. The person conducting the book club will have interesting methods so that children become interested in books.

3. Read stories to them from an early age. Not only at bedtime but also when on weekends they are free. These days parents are busy but you need to make time to read to them.

4 . Make a reading corner in your house. Put a tent there. Cushions would also help. Children would be willing to read here. Tell them to bring your friends but for reading. Do this I am sure they will turn back to reading. Idea is to make it fun to read.

5 Choose books according to their age. Don't choose a book for a 5-year-old when the child is 10 years old.

6. Have a quiz on a book. Say that the person who wins will get a prize. Give the prize that kids will like. Look on the net for what kind of prizes will like.

I would say make reading a habit and a routine. The more interesting the reading is made the more the kids will be reading. Let me know if you have any more ideas about reading.

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