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In a year's time, where will reading be?

Reading has existed since the invention of block printing by Gutenberg. As a result, newspapers were created.

The Diamond Sutra was the first book that was printed. Around the year 868 A.D., a Buddhist text was written. Block printing was the term for this.

individuals have been reading since then. The matter of libraries came up. People read either fiction or nonfiction. The authors created the stories. In novels, Agatha Christie or for children, Enid Blyton. Children nowadays are not interested in reading. Does this rule out the possibility of reading having a future?

It is 2022 where will the reading habits be in 2023?

Books will never take a back seat as long as people want to escape the actual world.

According to an indy 100 poll, Finland is the most literate country in the world. Reading does not have to take a back seat in a successful education system.

I frequently see individuals reading on their Kindles. At least they are reading.

However, reading is required for any individual's complete development. If books are available and people read them, a great deal of knowledge can be gained.

One year from now, reading will be where we want it to be.

Schools must make a concerted effort to ensure that students are encouraged to read. It will be necessary to read a variety of literature.previously. People were stranded at home due to covid limitations. So children began reading . Many started reading on Kindle.

The fate of reading will be determined by the country's teachers and parents. What can they do to improve the children's reading habits?

There is still much more to be done. It's fine if you know what's in your school textbooks. Teachers, on the other hand, must recognise the importance of knowledge gained outside of the classroom. Novels provided me with further information. My interest was piqued, and I began to wonder, for example, how the pyramids were constructed. It's amazing that people had the technology back then.

Teachers and parents should devise methods to make reading enjoyable. Set up book clubs. Gifts should be given to the youngsters who read the most.

Here are a couple of online clubs to check out.

1Rees' book club

2. Read aloud to Jeena

3. Independent bookstores

4. Book clubs that don't talk

5. Book Clubs with Subscriptions.

6. Book club for rebels

7 Beth's book club

8 Book club via the internet

9 Book club with the Goodreads Choice Award

10. Our shared bookcase

Some of India's online clubs

1. The Delhi Book Club

2. India's Non-Fiction Book Club.

3 Indian Book Club

These are only a few examples. There are a lot of such clubs on the internet.

There are numerous themed book clubs to choose from.

One is the spiritual formation book club

In the end, I would say it depends on the people where reading will be one year from now.

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