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Earth is derived from both English and German words.eor(th) e/ertha’ and erde. This means ground.

Earth is full of life. Even in the soil, there are microorganisms like earthworms. So what I have taken from the earth is life. Earth teaches us a lot about living. Caring for one another is one thing. Like the trees care for the earth by giving it oxygen.

Earth has made life beautiful. Like colorful plants all around us. Colours like pink, yellow and the like makes you want to be happy. I get energy when I see all these things. Taking all this from the earth I feel blessed.

The beaches and the oceans blend into one another. Where the beach ends, waves begin. All this looks so elegant. The sounds of the waves are worth listening to . But gone are the days when we will see the beaches as white as snow. Water used to be crystal clear.

I wonder if civilization is necessary? The tribals of Anacorbar and Nicobar live in harmony with nature. Why can't we?

The sunset and sunrise are awesome. The light orange colour of the setting sun gives pleasure to the eye.

Nature as we know it is changing. This is due to humans. Industries give out smoke. So do cars.It would be a good idea to carpool or walk if the distance is small. We are prepared to spend money on gyms and not walk.

But I'm sorry to say that I have not given anything back. Not planting trees when I could have. But I have not cut a single tree. If being considerate to others is giving back to earth then yes I have given back to earth.

If the earth is our mother then should we not take care of our mother. Water covers over 70% of the earth. There are so many living organisms in it. Fishes, whales, plants on the water bed. But there is so much toxic waste that these creatures are dying.

Coral reefs are so beautiful. A coral reef is made of thin layers of calcium carbonate. This is an underground water system. Yet we want to destroy them. It seems that today humans are destructive creatures.

If this is the sorry state of affairs, why don’t we do something about it? One Earth day is not enough. This global warming we face is the effect of industries that were started in the late 70s. What about the pollution that is happening right now.

Is this the kind of planet we want to leave to our children

So enough of talking and let us start doing something.

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