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Best Books by Sudha Murty For kids: Gopi Diaries: The homecoming By Sudha Murty

Updated: May 23

Sudha Murty is a known household name. She is a Philanthropist, the first female engineer and a believer in educating the poor.

Gopi diaries are three books in all. They are about Sudha Murthy's dog. She loves her dog so much that she has written about him.

The first book is called coming home. It is about Gopi going to a new home. It tells us how he adopts in his new home.

Gopi is a loveable dog. After reading this book it seems that the dog has the same emotions as a human. Like it was decided to bring another dog home. Gopi gets angry. This can be compared to an older sibling getting angry when a younger sibling comes home after being born.

There are photos of the dog which are cute. There are funny scenes like the time gopi bangs into a mirror and thinks it is another dog.

The cover is attractive and so is the story. Gopi stays with Ajji and Appa. Gopi's birthday is also celebrated.

The second book is called Finding Love.

In this book, gopi is grown up from the small puppy that he was in the first book. In this, the story is after one year.

Though I am not fond of animals I loved this book.

Book review of The old man and his god;

There is a reason why I think this book is for kids. The stories in these books are about Generosity and selfishness. Today if children learn these at a small age it is good. These stories are written by her after experiences in life.

In one story it is given that Murty had gone to Tibet. One old lady came and thanked her again and again. The lady's grandson told her that Murty was from land that offered shelter to Dalai Lama. Maybe not all Indians support this policy of the Indian government but never the less the old lady thanked Murty.

There is a story called the way you look at it. Once Murty had gone to a village in Karnataka. She decided to eat the village head. The food was tasty and many sweets were there. pleased with the food she decided to talk to the cook. The cook came and spoke in a low voice.

Murty asked the cook if she needed anything.She said she needed toilets for the whole village. She could have asked for something for herself but she didnot. Such generosity is not there today.

In Horegalla I learnt that just listing to other people's problems it helps them that there is someone to listen to them. God has given us two ears and one mouth so that we listen more and speak less.

When I used to run a library people came and told me their problems. Some lady's children did not listen to them or somebody bhai didnot come. Listing to them helped them.

Other books by her are

Wise and otherwise: These are eye-opening stories from all over India.

How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories. : Here Murthy who when she was 24 years was asked by her grandmother to teach her to read.

Dollar Bahu: This book tells of how money corrupts people.

The day I day stopped drinking milk: Here Murthy talks about the interesting people she has met.

Books in the English language

The Mother I Never Knew

Three Thousand Stitches

The Man from the Egg

Here, There, Everywhere

Magic of the Lost Temple

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and other stories

The Old Man And His God

Dollar Bahu

Wise and Otherwise


The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

The Serpent's Revenge

Gently Falls The Bakula

House of Cards

Something Happened on the Way To Heaven

The Magic Drum and other favourite stories

The Bird with the Golden Wings

How The Sea Became Salty

The Upside Down King

The Daughter From A Wishing Tree

Grandma's Bag of Stories

Gopi diaries

I am sure you will enjoy her books. They are written in a simple manner.

There are some partnering tips from Sudha Murty

1. Today kids need space. Make way for it. Don't be behind them to do things.

2. Love should be unconditional.

3. Relationships need space. Don't overdo things like don't be after them to eat food. Tell them if you are not hungry now eat later.

4. Hugging from parents is good. It gives warmth to the child.

Sudha Murthy's books provide value for money. I also read her children's books and have found that she teaches morals in her books.


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